NC DMV Test Questions

To obtain a North Carolina driver's license you must pass a written exam consisting of 25 poorly-written multiple-choice questions. To pass, you must answer at least 20 questions correctly. There are several different versions of the test, but they all use the same basic pool of questions.

Many of the questions asked totally defy common sense, and reading through the 108-page driver's handbook offered at the DMV will not necessarily help you to pass.

Many people, including experienced drivers from other states, fail the NC DMV test on their first try. But if you use the study guide below, you should do fine. It will help you pick the right answer when it is an arbitrary choice among several common-sense responses.

Here's an example to show you how strange the questions on the North Carolina DMV test can be:

In densely packed snow you should...

  • A: Use chains or snow tires
  • B: Turn on your low-beam headlights
  • C: Drive slower than the speed limit
  • D: Apply the brakes gently
Well they all make sense! And the number one most inane question I've heard so far:

Q: If you are following a car at night, how do you know if the road is bumpy?

  • A: You watch the tail-lights.

So go and get yourself the 4-page study guide and you'll be prepared for everything the NC DMV will throw at you. You won't be sorry! Read the comments below to see what others have had to say after using the study guide.

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User-submitted Advice

Thanks millions for this. I failed the NC test the first time I took it and someone referred me to this study guide and I passed easily.

Hey!!! Thanks for the CheatSheet. I agree that after reading 121 pages I could not pass, but just looking at your cheatsheet for less than 5 mins could get me my driver's license. You are the Best!!! Thanks A Million.

Thanks for the information. You are so right on about the test. I studied the handbook online prior to going in to the DMV earlier this week. I read it thoroughly and believed I was prepared seeing I'd passed the CA DMV test, which is unbelievably technical and hard. The questions on the NC DMV test are unbelievable impossible to think they'd be on the test. For ex: what should you do when backing up? Check your mirrors and honk; put your left hand on the steering wheel, your right arm over the passenger's chair and turn around; or (something else-can't remember question). All seemed partially correct and ridiculous that this was even a test question. I have printed out your cheat sheet and feel confident this time, I'll pass!

my daughter was so sad when she failed the test the first try. then after finding and studying your site she passed the next day with flying colors. thanks!

I really wish I'd had this before I took the test the first time. I moved to NC and have been driving for 20 years, so I was pissed when I failed, especially since the ones I missed had nothing to do with driving!

Here is one to add to the bad question list: What's the most likely time to have a bicycle accident?
A: Saturday at dusk (and yes, it's that specific).

Thanks for the list (as I still need to retake my test:-)


I took the test this morning and completed it in about 10 minutes. I studied this page for about 15 minutes last night and 15 minutes this morning while waiting for the test.

There were 4 questions that I didn't see here, but all the others are on this page. I answered the others correctly so I got a 100%.

I recently moved to NC and I was concerned about taking the test. I've been driving for over 15 years and would have been upset if I failed this poorly written state exam.

One thing though, go to the DMV early. There is no time limit on the test and you may have to wait a long time. One gut next to me literally tested for about 1 hour! I finished in 10 minutes.

Thanks for posting.

I have a Master's degree with extensive training in test construction and the NC DMV test fails all rules of test design.

Jay is correct when he characterizes the test as "insipid" and "poorly written." It has shaken my confidence in NC.

Still, we are subject to it if we are to have the privilege of driving in NC.

Thanks to all who have shared here. Greatly appreciated.

This was extremely helpful in me passing this permit test. I failed the first time and after reading this i got 100% on it. U the man!!!

Seriously, use all of the advice given on here. I took my test yesterday and only missed one question. How did I prepare? This site.

Thank uuu so00o0o much!! I passed my dmv exam today with no mistakes at all! U guys made d dmv exam look like an elementary test. I wudd deffinitely recommend ur site :) You guys give so much hope and confidence to otha ppl! God bless! nd THANK YOUUUU!!!

Hi, thanks so much for this turnin 15 in less than a month and was gettin' really nervous...some of the smartest people i know failed the first few times they took the test!!! my brother used your site last year after failing the first time and passed easily! im so glad i found you thanks a million!!!

I took my test today and failed. I just moved to NC from NY. Some of these questions are just ridiculous!! How do you prevent a vehicle from hitting you from behind? --frequently checking your mirrors? I have no idea how that will stop someone from hitting you but ok!! I guess they want you to know how to drive defensively.

Hi there,
i m sachin and just move from MA to NC and just want to give few tips:

1: Relax and read this cheat sheet it would be sufficient.

2:Never go around lunch time esp on weekends,those idiots made us stand outside for 2 hours despite empty seats inside as there were just 2 officers working out of a total 11/12 windows..

3: Make sure you take extra documents with you rather then coming back and going again.
in my case i took the 797 document seperately as it came recently rather then attaching to the passport, those idiots refused to let me in first time despite confirming the prerequisites from them before reching DMV. Next time they don't even bother to have a look at it.

4: Rest is a formality as the online exam lasts hardly for 5-10 minutes and the best approach is to skip the question if your not sure which will really help in easing up the pressure.

5: First time i reached at 7.45 am and 7-8 people were ahead of me, so better to waiting in line for 15-20 mnts rather then wtng outside for couple of hours esp around noon.

Thats all
thanks to this site for wrapping my exam in 4 and half minute. i was so confident that i was hitting the answer right away at one shot.


this helped me soooo much thatnks:))

Thank you all!!! I just took the test, read this an hour before taking the test and passed with 1 mistake!


Thanx soooooo much! I looked here @ Brain Dumps before went in for my test today. I passed with a 100%!!! Could not have done that without looking here first :)

What a great site. I went today for my license and passed with flying colors. Thanks so much.

Today at 8:30am I took the test & passed it with a perfect score, i didnt miss any & it only took 15 mins. THANKS to this great website and Jay. At first I was really neverous about taking the test. Its not as bad as you think & its fairly simple. I only studied this website 1hr for 3days. Reading the NCDMV isn't bad, but it's really a waste of time.

I have recommend this site to 2 of my friends & I'm sure they'll passed it too!


this really helps.

whoever created this is [ genius]
thanksx <3

Woow this website is really great, good job to you. I passed my exam today,all thiese questios were on the test. thks to u man.

thanks for making this page it helped me so much, see what happened i faild the permit test because some of the things on that test were so random but thanks again.

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